Rasmi  Shooocongdej 

(B.A. (Archaeology), Silpakorn University; Ph.D. (AnthropologyX, University of Michigan) is an associate professor of archaeology and a former chair of the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Archaeology, Bangkok, Thailand.

Her areas of interest include late-to post-Pleistocene forager in the tropics, Southeast Asian prehistory, cave archaeology, and archaeology and ethnic education.  Her experiences include northern, western, central, and southern Thailand; Cambodia, southwestern USA, and southeastern Turkey.

Presently, she is the principle investigator of An Exploration and Sustainable Heritage Management Project in Pai-Pang Mapha-Khun Yuam Districts, Mae Hong Son Province (supported by Thailand Research Fund)She was a director of the Archaeological Heritage Management at Ban Rai and Tham Lod Rockshelters in Pang Mapha District, Mae Hong Son  Project (supported by the US Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation 2006) and Highland Archaeological Project in Pang Mapha, Mae Hong Son province, northwestern Thailand which is her most well-known research (supported by Thailand Research Fund).

She is a co-founder and co-editor (with Dr Elisabeth Bacus) of Southeast Asian Archaeology International Newsletter (1992-present).   She is an advisory board on Southeast Asian Archaeology for World Archaeology Journal (UK), Asian Perspectives (University of Hawaii, USA), Bulletin of Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association (IPPA, Australian National University, Australia), Archaeologies (World Archaeological Congress).

Rasmi actively involves in archaeological developments and activities in Thailand and Southeast Asia.  For instance, she has been elected as a senior representative for the Southeast Asian and the Pacific Region in the World Archaeological Congress Council and an executive member of Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association.  Apart than professional services, she has also been intensively worked with the local communities and Thai general public on heritage protections and archaeological educations.

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